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    I worship ben
  2. Alex
    Alex Benamen
    Why did the kid drop his ice-cream? Got ran over on the London Bridge lol
  3. TurtleTrouble
  4. Aleksander Argenziano
    Aleksander Argenziano
    Hey guys welcome to my channel u guys are probably like "who is this guy" well i am Aleksander aka BURN a mod on a Dark rp server :3
  5. Aleksander Argenziano
    Aleksander Argenziano
    Hey guys my in-game name is BURN and i play mainly on the Dark rp server as a MOD :3 I'm always ready to Game and Talk to people :3
  6. Kale
    Hi My Name Is Kale And I Am A Mod I have been here for quite a wile now don't really now how long for
  7. Silver Slash
    Silver Slash
    Ok And Ive Been Staff For Not That Long But Yeah, I'll Probbably Be On Often Unless Im Playing Dark Souls, Out Or with My Dog
  8. Silver Slash
    Silver Slash
    Hello I'm Silver, a Strange Quiet Person Which Too others Is Confusing Cause Im Really Loud And Energetic When I get too know Someone
  9. Wraptor
    Yes, I am Wraptor. I just made a new account. Here's a random cat as proof
  10. Morgan James
    Morgan James
    I'm the brand new owner of GMod Casino!
  11. Vundult
    I enjoy games and anime way too much.
  12. Collin Rickland
    Collin Rickland
    Football is almost as good as VLRP
  13. shay alon vash
    shay alon vash
    VLRP android developer
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  14. Tommy
    whats up mother fuckers
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