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    By closing this page, it means you confirm playing by these rules and will be punished if failed to do so.

    By closing this page means you have read the rules and agreed to apply by them.

    1. Player Expectations

    1.1 - Do not do anything that may harm the server (such as crashing/lagging the server).
    1.2 - Do not prop climb, kill, block, bridge, push, trap or spam.
    1.3 - Do not mess with Admins who are on Duty, so you shouldn't interact with them as they are not included in the role-playing.
    1.4 - Scamming and Blind Auctions are not allowed.
    1.5 - Do not impersonate any member of the administrative team.
    1.6 - Muggings/Kidnappings must take place in a private area.
    1.7 - No players may build in fountain/fountain area.
    1.8 - Do not disconnect to avoid a administrative situation (LTA)
    1.9 - You are expected to not spawn f4 entities/props in jail, in jail you should wait out your punishment
    1.10 - When selling F4 entities to other players you are expected to stay online the server for at least 1 hour.
    1.11 - When speaking to another player you are expected to speak to them in a appropriate manner, no disrespect rasism or sexism. Using the term "kys" or "kill yourself" will not be tolerated in any way and will result in you being given a warning, after said warning you will receive a 1 week ban if you continue.

    2. Role-playing Rules
    2.1 - No RDM (Random death Match/Killing even though they have a certain role, only kill them if they are harming you in any way)
    2.2 - Follow the NLR (New life rule, when you die, you may not return to your place of death for a certain amount of time because you have a new life and everything is forgotten from the past, if you do so, your items will be taken away.)
    2.3 - No abusing your jobs (Especially Civil Protection who tend to randomly jail people)
    2.4 - Do not plant explosives in a built up area as this will count as Rdm if players die
    2.5 - Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, to pull out of a role-play situation
    2.6 - Do not mic spam.
    2.7 - Do not spawn kill. (You cannot stand and wait for people to leave and then kill them)
    2.8 - You must make a reasonable attempt to take the Mayor hostage before opening fire on him (you must be a raiding class to take hostages).
    2.9 - You may raid someone after selling them entities, unless an agreement was made.
    2.10 - Hobos may not own doors.
    2.11 - The Mayor can build in the PD as long as it does not block walking space (Comic Props only and no fading doors)
    2.12 - If your friend is a hitman you may not help him complete their hit. It does not matter what gangs you are in. You could only interfere if the person shot you directly.
    2.13 - Do not FailRP/FearRP (Failing to follow roleplay, e.g if someone has a gun pointed at you or is mugging/kidnapping you and you decide to run off or pull out your own gun and shoot him)
    2.14 - Raid cool down is 5 minutes for the same base/building. You can also only camp the base for 10 minutes maximum.
    2.15 - If you are found Trespassing then you can be killed by the owner of the property.

    3. Building Rules
    3.1 - Do not abuse the fading door.
    3.2 - Keypads must be working, have a hold length of 5 seconds, and be placed near the door they open.
    3.3 - At one entrance of your base may you have 3fading doors. The rest of the entrances be blocked
    3.4 - Do not build out on the streets or anywhere public. However the Hobo class is an exception. They can build on the sidewalks.
    3.5 - Do not interfere with people that are building.
    3.6 - No GIFs or offensive material on text signs and keep your signs in role-play (no random signs and especially no inappropriate sprays).
    3.7 - Do not build on rooftops unless they are connected to a staircase.
    3.8 - You may not abuse textscreens in any way, for example covering up a door or printers. Also you may not sign minge (spamming signs/innapropriate or offensive signs)
    3.9 - IBD (Invalid base design) Shooting windows must be at least the size of the plastic crate, no fence stacking, fences cannot be a solid material and must be at least an opacity of 125 no crouch/jump/maze bases and bases must have a clear path all the way through. Glowed props are not allowed to be used at shooting windows.

    4. In-Game Laws
    4.1 - Do not have laws that directly say KOS to a certain job
    4.2 - Do not have laws that allow any sort of purges, any kills within a purge are counted as violations of rule 2.1
    4.3 - Laws must not break server rules and must be reasonable

    Job Rules
    1. Law Enforcement
    You may only weapon check people with their permission or if you have a valid suspicion.
    You must destroy all illegal entities.
    You must follow the laws at all times.
    You may only warrant a base/home if you hear illegal entities or see them through a window.
    You may refuse orders if the orders are breaking server rules.
    You must only enter someones property if you have permission from the owner (this excludes warrants)
    You may not own any illegal entities.
    The "Iron Man" job is considered part of the Law Enforcement

    2. Mayor
    You may not charge more than $1000 for a gun license
    Lock downs must have a valid role play reason
    You may not enforce the laws
    You may only use the weapon provided with the mayor job.
    You must follow the laws at all times
    You must inform players of law changes

    3. Thief/Master Thief/Parkour/Hacker/WalkingDeadChars
    You may mug other players for the maximum amount of $10,000.
    You may raid.
    You may counter raid.
    You may raid PD but you must have a group of at least 3 people. (except hacker)
    You may base/raid with anyone from the "The Criminals" section apart from terrorists and hitmen.
    You may be hired to carry out a raid or a mugging (hacker) the maximum amount is $10,000

    4. Terrorist/Terrorist Leader
    You may raid PD but you must be in a group of at least 3 including a terrorist leader.
    You may kidnap
    You may only kill Law enforcement if they get in the way of your "Agenda"
    You must always follow the "Agenda" (Unless it breaks server rules)
    Terrorists may only work with terrorists or custom jobs which are allowed to do so.
    Adverting "Terror" and proceeding to kill players is not allowed and every kill will be counted as a violation of rule 2.1 (RDM)

    5. Medic
    You may not protect bases
    You may only carry a pistol
    You may not raid/mug/kidnap
    You may be hired only by Law Enforcement but you may not base with them
    You are allowed to build on the streets but only a small booth (Staff team may decide if your booth is too large)

    6. Hobo
    You may build on the streets.
    You may not own any money making entities.
    You man own a weapon but only to use for self defence.
    You may not own any doors what so ever.
    You may not completely block a street/spawn/Admins areas.
    You may not build anything too large/ugly/inappropriate (Staff team may decide if it is too ugly/inappropriate)

    7. Hitman
    You may not base but you may make a small stand
    You may not team with anyone
    You may not raid/mug/kidnap

    8. Gangster category
    You man not claim "land"
    You may only base with other gangsters/mob boss
    You may only raid PD to break out other gangsters/mob boss
    You may raid/kidnap/mug but you may not kidnap Law enforcement and may only mug for maximum of $10,000
    You may raid/kidnap/mug with at least one other gangster/mob boss

    9. Gun dealer
    You main purpose is to supply people with guns
    You may not raid/kidnap/mug
    You may build in houses
    You may make a small store on the side walk
    You may use money making entities

    10. Drug dealer
    You may not raid/kidnap/mug
    You may base with anyone from "The Criminals" section expect Terrorists and Hitmen
    You main purpose is to manufacture and distribute illegal substances

    11. Bank staff
    You may build in the bank area
    You may have a weapon but only to use for self defence
    You may not take money from stored printers
    You may charge people to store there printers
    Any printers stored within a bank are deemed legal
    You may only hire bank security guards
    Bank security guards may only be hired to protect the bank

    12. Security guard
    You may only base when hired
    You may not own any property
    You may only have money making entities when hired
    You must not Random stun stick
    You may not raid/kidnap/mug

    13. DJ
    You must not play "Ear rape"
    You must not play anything inappropriate or offensive
    You may only build a small stand
    You may base with anyone but you must not defend
    You may not raid/mug/kidnap

    14. Character jobs
    The sole purpose of these jobs are to role play in a appropriate manner
    You may not raid/mug/kidnap (Excluding The Walking Dead jobs)
    You may not base (Exclusing Veteran soldier/The Walking Dead)
    You may not own any property (Excluding Veteran soldier/The Walking Dead)
    You may not have any money making entities (Excluding The Walking Dead)

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