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    It's no secret! Day after day the news is riddled with companies who are moving operations to other countries or completely closing their doors. Those who remain must transform themselves to lean nike air max tn dámské , mean, businesses with a constant eye on reducing costs.

    For the first time, the baby-boomers are finding themselves in an unpredictable work environment. They are shaken by the instability of what the future with good reason.

    Company messages are mixed. On one hand nike air max 90 ultra br dámské , they talk about wanting to be "an employer of choice" with a reputation for retaining talent. On the other hand, they need the ability to be d enough to restructure and reorganize to meet the constantly changing needs of the market.

    How then, do you walk the fine line between wanting to retain without implying promises for the future?

    Encourage "free agent thinking". In other words nike air max 90 ultra essential dámské , release the golden handcuffs.

    * At every opportunity tell them you know they have many employers to choose from, and thank them for choosing you.

    * When you communicate change, send a message that change is the "norm" in today's economy. Replace "message spins" with truth and hard facts.

    * Teach them to embrace the mindset of personal branding and how to approach their work as if they are in business for themselves.

    * Make sure every employee at every level understands the state of the business. Be sure they know how their performance contributes to the business results. Tell them what the business needs from them to be more successful.

    * Help them be prepared by offering resources and encouragement to keep resumes up to date.

    If you were thinking this is a little radical and you would be crazy to take this K AGAIN!

    * People who think like free agents act as if their future depends on every thing they do nike air max 90 essential levně , or don't do. They have a sense of personal responsibility and personal power.

    * Free agent thinkers understand that every person they encounter is a potential customer, or can lead to a they treat everyone like a valued customer.

    * Free agent thinkers anticipate change and understand that the competition is tough. They learn to take the good with the bad, but they rarely consider themselves victims of circumstance.

    Do your employees a favor. Encourage free agent thinking. As a company nike air max 90 essential pánské , yes, you'll have to work harder to keep the talent you want to keep. And yes, you'll probably lose some. Which is better for your le who are actively engaged and appreciate the opportunity nike air max 90 pánské , or people who are just waiting for their next paycheck? You decide!

    About The Author

    As the owner of Essential Connections, Lora Adrianse is a catalyst for clients who aspire to achieve optimal results. She is accomplished in developing employees at all levels, a seasoned business manager nike air max 90 pánské levně , and is passionate about helping clients build extraordinary business relationships with colleagues and customers. Her natural instincts enrich her ability to get to the heart of the real business issues people face today. She can be reached through her website , coach@
    7 Online Party Games Business Articles | March 12, 2005

    Games for online parties are essential. They make your online party more fun. Below are some parties games that can be played at your
    online party.

    Games are a fun way to add a little competition to your party nike air max 90 dámské černé , which encourages more participation.

    1) Scramble - Pick 5 - 10 words from your site or your business and scramble them up before the party. Let everyone know that the words are coming from your site or your business whichever youchoose.

    2) Trivia - Pick 5-10 questions about your site. Let everyone know that the answers can be found on your site. The first person to get the correct answer gets a point at the end of the game the person with the most points gets the prize you have picked out.

    3) Bingo - Have a list of words on your site and have guest pick out 5 words and email you those words, then later on when time for the game start picking words from your list, when you have call all 5 words of one of the guest they will then call Bingo.

    4) Auctions - These are a blast and we have done great with them. You make up a list of ways for guest to earn play money to bid with. With the highest way to earn being eitherpurchasing or booking a party Then you pick out a few prizes to auction off. This is a great game to get competitive juices going.

    5) ABC Game - Pick a letter of the alphabet nike air max 90 dámské růžové , the first person to give you a product that you sell, that starts with that letter gets a point. Do as many as you like, at the end the person with the most points is the winner. This game is good for getting people looking at your site trying to find products that start with each letter.

    6) Scavenger Hunt - Pick out 5 words nike air max 90 dámské bílé , place them on your site or your party page in a different color font, then at the party tell you guest there are 5 words they are searching for. The firstperson to find all 5 words and email them to you is the winner. This is a good game for getting people exploring your site.

    7) Ticket Game - This works much like the auctions. You give guest to your partya way to earn tickets. Once earning a ticket you send them their ticket number. During the partycall out ticket numbers. If their ticket number is called out they get a prize. Make the mosttickets given away for purchasing or booking parties.

    Find more games in our ebook HowTo Have an Online Party. The ebook shows you the steps we've used in having successful online parties foralmost 3 years. The ebook comes with a Free Online Party Checklist.

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