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    Madison McKinley may very well be the hottest and freshest face on the Hollywood scene. “Who is this Madison McKinley nike shox r4 tilbud , and have I ever seen her?” You may ask. Unless you live in a bubble, you have probably heard of her, and her face is about to become much more familiar. McKinley has been in acting since 2007, and 2011 is her breakout year, especially now that she has an acting role in the Smurfs 3 D Movie: Model.

    Madison McKinley is best known for her work on ABCs The Bachelor, where she gained infamy as Fang Girl. That’s right nike shox avenue tilbud , she actually wore fangs on The Bachelor. Although she freaked out many of her fellow contestants, The Bachelor himself, Brad Womack, was smitten by her beauty. He even thought her fangs were a turn-on. In the 15 seasons of the show, Madison McKinley may very well be the most memorable contestant. You may not recognize her name (yet), but you surely know her work on The Bachelor.

    From 2007 to 2011 nike shox 807 tilbud , McKinley had a very busy and successful modeling career. In that time, she also appeared on “30 Rock,” “Kings,” “Michael and Michael Have Issues,” and “Rescue Me,” She cut her teeth on acting nike shox current tilbud , and blew the producers of The Bachelor away when she tried out. They had a policy of not hiring actresses as contestants, but they saw that she had the it factor, and brought her in to the show. There’s no doubt that they did the right thing, because when she wore fangs on The Bachelor, the show became water-cooler fare, and her acting career exploded.

    This year has been big for McKinley. She made waves again when she was hired for a small role on DIRECTV Damages Season 4 nike shox tlx tilbud , to play as a model. Although it was a small role, the fact that she went topless brought up a blaring question across the blogosphere: Is Madison McKinley at it again, building her name with the “shock factor?” Keep in mind, it wasn’t a sex scene, nor was she full-frontal. Partial nudity is par for the course on Damages. We’ll leave that up to you, the viewer nike shox oz d herre tilbud , to decide if it was art or a publicity stunt.

    While answering the question for yourself, add this little snippet of information to your deciding factors: Madison McKinley, the girl who wore fangs on The Bachelor, is also in the new Smurfs 3 D movie, where she plays a small role as…a model. There’s nothing controversial about her scene – it’s a kid’s movie!

    Madison McKinley is poised to be the freshest face of 2011. She wore fangs on The Bachelor and followed up with a topless scene on Damages. Now, in a definite change of pace nike shox oz d herre , Madison McKinley has an acting role in the Smurfs 3 D movie: Model. Say what you want about her, but she’s making it in the dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood! ? 2011

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