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    Steam Name: ✰VLRP✰ SPIKE

    Roleplay Name: SPIKE

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71302404

    Age: 15

    Have you ever been punished for rule breaking in-game?:

    Email/Another Way Of Contact Other Than Steam:
    03begkal@outlook.com / Discord

    How many hours spent in-game:
    Rougly 24 hours but I had days on your old server

    Time Zone + Location In The World:
    (GMT+01:00) Norway

    Time Spent On The Server:
    Couple hours, aprox. 24 hours

    Do You Have A Microphone: Yes, I do

    Tell Us About Yourself:
    Im 14 years old, I come from Norway and I like to game. I watch netflix everyday. I like to eat food, and drink soda. I play football twice a week, I jog and keep my self in shape.

    Why Would You Think You Would Be A Good Asset To Our Team:
    I would be a good asset because I have been a moderator on the previous DarkRP server before I quit Gmod but now I am back. I was a moderator on a Norwegian TTT server (Hjortefjellet.no) for about eight months before the server shut down. I have knowledge of all ulx commands , the servers rules and everything I have to know. I am good at solving situations and stuff. In conslusion I am experienced and work well with others.

    How Long Would You Be Willing To Spend Each Week On The Server:
    I will be on the server in my freetime, so maybe 3-5 hours a day so rougly 33 hours a week.

    Any Extra Information: I worship ben
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