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Discussion in 'Example Staff Applications (Declined)' started by Benamen, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Benamen

    Benamen Administrator Staff Member

    Steam name: DarkShitDeFuck

    RP Name: Barry chuckle

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:108488310

    Age: 15 but in another gmod server im 69.

    Email: Fuckingbastard@shite.cum

    Time Zone GMT , Ben knows everything anyway.

    Time spent on: No fucking idea but definitly over a week. Im a fucking sado. I did once rape an alien who tried to rape me in the first place.

    Nerds: Nerds can go fuck them selfs in the cunt.

    Mic: I have a mic but mostly use it to swear at people who are being fucking remspasms. Btw Remspasm was created by me and my brother so its copyrighted u stealing cunts... Banta. Go fuck ur self. banta

    Nandos: If any one of you lads are up for a cheeky nandos you can always count on me to be there.

    About myself: I don't fucking know. I go to school and play on my pc. Also i fucking love porn.

    Banta: Banta.

    Why i would be a fucking great mod/admin: Im the fucking banta king m89. Im easy going and am not so fucking anal about everything. Also i have commen sense which is the most important factor when dealing with absalute retards (most users on the server) I like to have a lagh and some banta so i understand when someone is just joking or having some banta. Im not one of those people that are so anal about the rules so i turn a blind eye when someone mis understands something instead of warning them straight away. I think this server needs a tiny bit loosening up on the rules side, because no one likes a fucking nerd that is just as strict as a fucking teacher. people just wanna have fun, and don't get me wrong breaking the rules constantly is not acceptable so yeah im the best. Banta.

    Time i spend on the server: I don't know. but i play on it after school so yeah.

    Extra info: Ben knows what im like so yeah. Cant be arsed to type this for any longer so peace faggots. Banta.

  2. Vundult

    Vundult Member

    We should accept this person, he seems kinda cool.

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