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    Hello im Jari Blom,

    Your RP (In-Game) Name:TripleOBassFTW

    Your Steam name:TripleOBassFTW[D-J]

    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:90334913

    Where are you from (country)?: netherlands
    i speak english very well

    What is your current Time Zone?
    Mid-Europe time(UTC+01:00) i live in the netherlands

    How old are you?:
    im 16 years old

    How many warns do you have total + active warns?:
    Total Warnings 1 Active 1 total

    Why should we pick you for Staff (minimum 250 characters)?:
    i should be a good staff member becous i know the commands for almost everything
    i have experiance with Moderator being
    i'm very helpfull
    i'm always nice to people in what in any circumstances
    i know alot of people on the server
    My English is very good
    and dutch
    if I promise something I will do it always in any circumstances

    How often do you connect to our TeamSpeak Server?:
    almost everyday

    Have you ever been Kicked or Banned on our Server(If so, why)?:
    no never been kicked/banned

    Do you have a Microphone?:
    yes i do have a microphone, with no background sounds

    How many hours can you be on a week?:
    al much as possible everyday
    everyday like 7/8 hour

    Can you do anything else for orangeRP?:
    ofcours i can help everyone who needs help with almost everything
    if they have problems
    and in ts i will be very helpfull to

    Other information you would like to tell us(Optional)?:
    i'm not english but i can speak it very well, but my grammar isn't the best becous
    i have dyslectia and i have a very bad one
    so i can read probebly everything and understand but the writeing will be a bit harder
    for me but i will always try to explane if u dont understand
    and if u always need something even when im bussy u can ask me everything Private/or local
    of every questian Private will be always between us if u would like that

    greetings jariblom

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