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    Should You be Using RSS Feeds and Blogs? ECommerce Articles | January 11 Womens Chase Winovich Jersey , 2005
    Today?s marketplace is extremely competitive. The Wal Marts of the world are squeezing the life out of small business enterprises. Meanwhile the World Wide Web is inviting small marketers with open a...

    Today?s marketplace is extremely competitive. The Wal Marts of the world are squeezing the life out of small business enterprises. Meanwhile the World Wide Web is inviting small marketers with open arms. Rather than having an amazing amount of resources available, the Internet requires savvy and alert marketing methods. Blogs and RSS Feeds will blow your mind with the virtually free growth potential they offer small and large marketers alike.

    Why not level the playing field to give your small or new web business a boost? Blogs were once used as a personal online ?diary? where people could express their thoughts and feelings, but today they offer a quick and efficient way to get your website indexed really fast! Forget about spending months to build a small clientele. A few minutes each day Womens Joejuan Williams Jersey , spent writing about the market you?re involved in will bring your site to the attention of search engines fast and we all love free traffic. Incorporate your blog into a RSS feeds and your site will be broadcasted across the world in no time at all bring even more free traffic.

    Alicia was the typical homemaker who spent her days raising kids, sewing, cleaning Womens N'Keal Harry Jersey , and of course folding piles of laundry. She did have one pastime - surfing the web. Early in her experience she knew absolutely nothing about web terms. In fact, the mention of a spider would have sent her running. As her knowledge grew, she began to get a wild dream of becoming a virtual entrepreneur. Could she do it?

    She thought of what her family would think about her attempt. Their number one reaction she imagined would be surprise. This made the decision - she would keep her business attempt a secret Womens Jarrett Stidham Jersey , and if all went well she?d have a really great surprise in store for them.
    Alicia went through the normal first steps of setting up a website, and readying her product - a mother?s personal organizer. Next she researched all of the marketing plans she could find.

    Day after day, after the kids went off to school Alicia spent a few minutes blogging about everyday events in the life of a mother. She incorporated RSS feeds into her plan Womens Sony Michel Jersey , and included a great number of links to other sites of interest (all affiliate links.) Day by day she watched her web traffic increase and her bank account grow. By Christmas time she had the most amazing surprise to present to her family - a bank statement that proved she had earned more than $30,000 in her spare time of a few minutes each day.

    How could such a simple marketing plan work for an obvious newbie? Simply! Alicia just found a plan that involved a little technological knowledge and implemented it. She happened to have found a way to get her site indexed and listed on search results almost immediately. Spiders love updated content and long lists of related links. Alicia, like most mothers Womens Stephon Gilmore Jersey , knew that if you feed something what it likes, it?ll pretty much do what you want it to! For Alicia, a little mother?s insight paid off.

    For A Complete Step By Step informational
    guide on how to blog and use rss feeds
    Click here>http:www.effective-infoblogs-rss

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