Wraptors Prop Hunt server

Discussion in 'Prop Hunt' started by Collin Rickland, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. I missed Wraptor's VLRP prop hunt server and all the custom content I wish he'd put it back online, please +1 this so we can get wraptor to launch the server again.
  2. Alice Woodhall

    Alice Woodhall New Member

    +1 if it goes up again everyone remember 2 invite friends
  3. Vundult

    Vundult Member

    +1 for the hype train
  4. Benamen

    Benamen Administrator Staff Member

    +1 The server was actually amazing
  5. QuietMaus

    QuietMaus New Member

    +1 It would be amazing to have this server brought back to life.
  6. Wraptor

    Wraptor New Member

    +1 Would be amazing if I brought it back to life

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