Writing a 100-word essay

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    The short essays often not an easy task as it sounds. In many schools, teachers are assigning the short essays to test the student’s ability in writing the concise essay. It is really tricky to write about the topic without making it too wordy. Both the short and long term papers are formulating the writer’s thought onto the essay paper. It is very tough to express the exact thought in a written form. The writer’s thought have to reach the reader. An expert can easily convey his thoughts to the reader but it is really difficult for the beginners. The essays with 100 word count have to maintain the count while including the vital points. Writing too much is not an issue but the problem is to respond the essay paper and getting in points across within the 100 words. The students must be careful while preparing the short essays. The short essays only have the limited word count and there is no place for the unwanted issues. First read the topic and the guidelines to understand what is exactly asked to write in the essay paper. The purpose of the essay changes according to its type. It is must to know whether the writing is persuasive essay or some other type of essay. In some cases, teachers will provide specific guideline to the students to follow in the paper. The specifications may the margin size, font size etc. Once you read the topic and guidelines, start researching about the essay topic. Outline the essay to fit in 100 words. In short essays, there will be only 7 to 10 sentences. Decide the thesis within one or 2 sentences. Then write the body around four to eight sentences then conclude the paper in the last sentence. Genuine writing service will help you with more writing tips.

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